Rathus Kinn

retired Aldori swordlord


human male


Rathus Kinn is a retired Aldori swordlord from Restov. He was impressed with what he’d heard of the growing kingdom of Sazerac and visited Redemption. After spending several days asking the locals about Eshah and the rest of the kingdom leaders, he sought the leaders’ permission to build a manor for his family (including his wife and 19-year old son) in the capital at his cost.

Several months later, Kinn requested an audience with Eshah. Eshah agreed and most of the half-orc leaders also attended the meeting. Kinn was accompanied by his son Roland, whom he was training in the Aldori sword style. Kinn said the meeting was just for “all of us to get to know each other a bit”; it looked like matchmaking to most (Eshah was happy to talk with the handsome boy), but Spear sensed that there was something more to it. Roland stared at Eshah a lot; Rathus tried to excuse the behavior by noting that Roland’s nursemaid was a half-orc, to which Roland added “you look just like her,” which Rathus laughed off with “he hasn’t seen many half-orcs.”

Rathus Kinn

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