Oleg Leveton

Treasurer of Sazerac; former operator of Oleg's Trading Post; husband of Svetlana Leveton


male human


With his wife Svetlana, Oleg obtained a charter from the Swordlords of Restov to convert an abandoned border fort at the southern edge of Rostland into a trading post. Oleg had decided to move to such a remote location to get away from the constant machinations and political maneuverings that dominated urban life in Restove. All he wanted was a place for him and his wife to live far enough from the sins of civilization without living so far that he couldn’t enjoy all of its benefits. The trading post’s customers for the first few months were few and far between, consisting mostly of trappers, hunters, and the eccentric hermit Bokken.

But then the trading post caught the attention of the Stag Lord bandits, who threatened him and his wife if they didn’t pay monthly “taxes.” Were it not for the fact that he feared his wife’s fate, Oleg surely would have sacrificed his life to the bandits in a foolish attempt to defend his stock. Instead, Svetlana pleaded with him to abandon the post and return to Restov, but Oleg stubbornly refused to give in that completely. His only concession to Svetlana’s wishes was to send several requests to the city for reinforcements. The requests were answered first by the arrival of the party, and then by Kesten Garess and his soldiers.

With the bandit threat largely removed, both Oleg’s and Svetlana’s spirits have improved dramatically – and despite initially being disturbed by the implications of Restov’s expansion into the Greenbelt, Oleg has actually enjoyed the increased traffic (and sales) it has brought to the trading post.

Oleg is gruff and stubborn, but has a good heart and has become a staunch ally of the party. The Levetons moved to Redemption shortly after the founding of Sazerac and Oleg’s appointment to the position of Treasurer. Oleg and Svetlana have since had a baby boy, named Svaros after Svetlana’s father.

Oleg Leveton

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