Old Beldame

swamp witch


human female


Elga Verniex, known to travelers as the Old Beldame, is a mysterious old crone who lives in a small hut in a small swamp on the southeast bank of the Tuskwater. Most of the denizens of the southern Greenbelt believe the old woman to be a hag and call her the Swamp Witch, believing (falsely) that she sold her soul to a demon or devil for malign powers. Any time a child goes missing, the Swamp Witch is blamed, and her legend is commonly used to scare said children into behaving well or finishing their suppers.

The Old Beldame is human, but decades of contact with her patron has given her skin a strange greenish cast and lengthened her ears to points, further fuel for the locals’ rumor-mongering. She is a knowledgeable – though crotchety and ill-tempered – old woman. She is an alchemist, a brewer of potions, and a crafter or magical arms and armor, constructs (like the animated scarecrow the party destroyed when it tried to stop Olena’s trespass on the Old Beldame’s land), and other wondrous items. Her familiar, a raven called Somber, it typically found perched on the hut’s roof, or at the top of a nearby cypress tree.

After a poor first impression (the above-mentioned trespass, plus an assumption that she had abducted a missing boy), Olena eventually established a friendly rapport with the Old Beldame, who agreed to let their familiars exchange spells and has since offered her healing and other magical skills to the party.

Old Beldame

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