Mad Hermit

mad hermit, Bokken's younger brother


male gnome


The younger brother of the hermit Bokken made his home in a hollow tree in the southern Narlmarches. Even more reclusive than his brother, this crazed hermit long ago forgot his own name and had grown progressively crazier and more dangerous over the years. He spent most of his time muttering to himself or talking to the per dire lion he caught and trained years ago, which he simply calls “Cat.” When the voiced in his head get too loud, the mad hermit waylays a traveler, as he finds that the act of murder quiets the voices for a time. But they always come back (the voices and the pesky travelers), with each victim adding a new voice to the maddening cacophony.

The party killed the mad hermit and Cat when they attempted to ambush them.

Mad Hermit

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