Kesten Garess

Warden of Sazerac; former leader of soldiers stationed at Oleg's Trading Post


male human


Kesten Garess is the leader of the soldiers who guard Oleg’s Trading Post. Kesten, whose initial attitude met all expectations of his surname (House Garess is one of Brevoy’s seven noble families), explained that he had volunteered to lead the group in defending the trading post. After Torg hit it off with the other three guards, they confided that Garess – who was a skilled fighter and decent leader – had been involved in a scandal, disowned by his father, and forced to survive as a mercenary, so this assignment was an attempt for him to make a name for himself – or at least find an honorable death.

Garess moved to Redemption shortly after the founding of Sazerac and his appointment to the position of Warden.

Kesten Garess

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