Hal the Fork

Party follower; Royal Chamberlain of Sazerac


male half-orc


The party first met Halvar Fjörk – known as “Hal the Fork” or just “Fork” – as the servant who had silently accompanied the House Surtova noble who recruited each of them for this endeavor. Fork later volunteered to accompany the party on their exploration of the Stolen Lands. He arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post the night before the party with a fully-stocked supply wagon, which had been provided by House Surtova and was pulled by Fork’s blind bull, Bully. Since then, Fork has been a faithful follower to the party: driving the wagon, cooking their meals, maintaining their equipment, and tending to their horses.

Fork brews a mean cup of coffee.

Almost immediately after founding the kingdom of Sazerac, the party appointed Fork to the position of Royal Chamberlain – which means he still does everything he did for them before, but now he gets to hire staff.

Hal the Fork

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