Gnome alchemist/tinkerer


male gnome


Bokken is an eccentric alchemist and tinkerer who lives in a small hut 15 miles southeast of Oleg’s Trading Post. The smoke from the hut’s chimney is often unusually colored due to the old gnome’s alchemical experiments. Bokken has a mechanical pinky with an extra thumb of his own design to replace the one his younger brother (whose name Bokken could no longer recall) had cut off the last time Bokken defended his mother against his brother. His brother had then run away “to live in a hollow tree down south” and the gnome warned the party to watch out for “that bully.” (They later encountered the mad hermit.)

Bokken sells potions to many of the travelers in the area; he also supplies Oleg with his stock. Bokken asked the party to find him a bushel of fangberries, which he uses to flavor his potions, and provided a discount on potions and alchemical supplies when the party delivered the berries. Bokken was also very excited when Bluss asked him about crafting alchemical cartridges for the gunslinger’s musket.


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