Nettle's Wrath

Torg's transformative polearm


Nettle’s Wrath is a +1 ranseur that can change its shape at its wielder’s command (a standard action) to become any other Medium-sized polearm (i.e., from the Polearms weapon group). If dispelled, it reverts to its original ranseur form.

It essentially has the transformative weapon property from the APG, but limited to Medium-sized polearms and it doesn’t revert when not wielded.


Nettle’s Wrath was the magical weapon Davik Nettles wielded when he rose as an undead from the Shrike River. When the heroes tossed the defeated Stag Lord‘s stag helm into the Shrike as evidence of the bandit’s demise, Nettle’s Wrath washed up onto the shore, a final gift from the grateful undead.

Nettle's Wrath

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