Old Crackjaw

semi-legendary turtle


hookjaw turtle


The ill-tempered hookjaw turtle called “Old Crackjaw” was something of a legend to fishermen and boaters of the Tuskwater – the seemingly indestructible reptile had supposedly attacked and killed dozens of fisherman and even caused no less than five boats to sink or flounder. When the beast claimed a secluded pool hidden in the cliffs at the Tuskwater’s eastern shore as its latest den, a fisherman named Arven asked the half-orcs rulers to kill (or drive off) Old Crackjaw from Arven’s secret fishing hole.

Some of the half-orcs located the hidden pool during their initial exploration of the area, but decided to delay dealing with the turtle until Ten Thousand Skies was with them. When they returned, the druid’s attempt at animal diplomacy failed and Old Crackjaw attacked; they quickly put the hostile beast down. The turtle’s enormous shell remains on display in Redemption.

Old Crackjaw

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