Jubilost Narthropple

Gnome explorer


male gnome


Jubilost Narthropple is a flamboyant gnome explorer who leads a group of gnomes – whom he calls the “Narthropple Expedition” – in surveying and mapping the Stolen Lands, looking in particular for an ancient, abandoned dwarven outpost rumored to be located in the region.

The party first encountered the Expedition when the gnomes were struggling to rescue their ponies and wagons, which were stuck in the Skunk River after being spooked by a kobold attack that had left Jubilost wounded. After the half-orcs – impressively enlarged by Eshah’s sorcery – freed the ponies and wagons, the gnomes asked them to share a meal. While initially reluctant to share any information, Jubilost and Spear eventually exchanged details about the areas of the Stolen Lands each group had already explored.

While some members of the Narthropple Expedition settled in Redemption, Jubilost continued to lead others in their search for the dwarven outpost. Unfortunately, when they found it, it was occupied by a tribe of trolls led by Hargulka. The half-orcs found the bodies and belongings of Jubilost and several of other gnomes when they eradicated that troll threat.

Jubilost Narthropple

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