Jhod Kavken

Cleric of Erastil; High Priest of Sazerac


male human


The priest of Erastil named Jhod Kavken is a traveling cleric and hunter who claimed to have heard of the exploration charter and came to Oleg’s Trading Post to offer his help. When pressed, Jhod finally admitted that his wandering had recently led him to Brevoy, where he had a particularly vivid dream about an overgrown temple of Erastil guarded by a huge, angry bear. Upon waking, Jhod felt an irresistible tug to the south, which led to Oleg’s but then stopped. The priest, after hearing of the half-orc’s expedition from Svetlana, thought Erastil was leading him to them, and asked them to keep an eye out for any “lost temples” in the Stolen Lands – particularly an old temple guarded by an angry bear.

After the party located one of these lost temples and killed/released its mad bear/cursed priest protector, Kavken rewarded the half-orcs with free spellcasting for life and moved to the temple to undertake its restoration. When the party later discovered an overgrown 15-foot tall statue of Erastil near the edge of the Narlmarches, they returned to the temple to tell Jhod about it and, at the priest’s request, led him to it and helped him clear and pray before the statue. Jhod then accompanied the party back to Oleg’s so the priest could buy his own horse, cart, and more supplies for restoring the temple.

Kavken moved to Redemption shortly after the founding of Sazerac and his appointment to the position of High Priest. He left the Temple of the Elk in the recovering hands of Akiros Ismort.

Jhod Kavken

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