leader of lizardfolk tribe


male lizardfolk


Frek was a member of the tribe of lizardfolk living on a small island in the Murque River, a few miles west of Candlemere Lake. The tribe was ruled by King Vesket, a huge, cruel warrior who spoke to the spirit of a fallen lizardfolk hero named Stisshak. In fact, the Spirit of Stisshak was a will-o’-wisp who masqueraded as an esteemed spirit so he could feed on the fear and pain of the lizardfolk’s victims. When the tribe captured a young human boy, Tig Tannerson, with plans to eat him, the Spirit of Stisshak instead decreed that the child should not be eaten, but instead tied up and exposed to constant horrors (to increase the child’s fright and panic so that the will-o’-wisp could feed).

As the days went on, Tig’s cries of fear were eroding Frek’s resolve, along with many others in the tribe. Frek was on guard duty when the party approached the island and asked about the missing child, and Frek saw his chance at redemption. He and his allies in the tribe aided the half-orcs in infiltrating the island, where they killed King Vesket, his loyal braves, and his pet blood caimans, and chased off “the Spirit of Stisshak.”

Frek now leads his tribe with a new focus on prosperity through commerce and peaceful coexistence with the other residents of the new kingdom of Sazerac. He also took Vesket’s two surviving consorts as his own mates – it’s good to be the king!


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